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In today’s retail environment the consumer is in control.

For retailers and manufacturers, knowing how, where and when to engage consumers along their journey through the complex and media-saturated retail jungle has never been as critical.

Retail Safari is unique in our ability to provide a complementary suite of retail marketing services that connect the consumer with your brand in environments where the ability to influence is at its strongest. Our integrated channel structure activates brands along the purchase journey, triggering the impulse to buy at critical points both in-store and out-of-store.

As part of Australia’s biggest sales and field marketing group, CPM Australia, Retail Safari offers unrivalled international experience and know-how combined with local insights, national coverage and execution excellence.




Explore. Create. Activate

Going for best imaginable.
Explore. Create. Activate.

Retail Safari uses a 3 stage process which identifies and maximises engagement with retailers and consumers.

Best imaginable is what we aim for – in generating the insights, actions and results our clients expect.


The ability to imagine and achieve the best, requires a deep understanding of the market.



Everything begins with insight and clarity of objective. Developing creative and compelling solutions requires specialist expertise and knowledge of what’s available…. and what’s possible.

We start with an in-depth understanding of your business and what keeps you awake at night!


Big challenges call for big ideas. Our task is to come up with the ideas and transform them into reality.

We work collaboratively with our clients to challenge, re-design and plan every element in the program creation phase.

Targets, processes, people, performance measures, reporting and other critical elements are brought together to create a winning ‘go to market’ program.

Our goal is not to just communicate value, but to create value at every step along the purchase journey.


Insights, strategy and planning are just the beginning – only action produces results.

We are renowned for our operational excellence and speed to market. In the fast paced and competitive retail environment of today, this is often the difference between success and failure.

With superior coverage, established retailer relationships around the country and a powerful talent pool our ability to build relationships with consumers through brand engagement and purchase is second to none.

There is only one real goal – to help you win customers and sell products.

Retail Safari Activate



In store.
In centre.
In community.

Brands are increasingly recognising that localisation is essential to business growth. The challenge is to find ways to better adapt their marketing content, consumer engagement activities and messaging.

Retail Safari’s complementary capabilities are designed to amplify the reach and interaction of consumer touchpoints in local communities, retail centres and stores, where the ability to engage and influence is at its most compelling and powerful.

The consumer’s day to day relationship with your brand is managed at the local level.

What we do

Choosing the right path.

Choosing the right path.

Most consumers use more than one channel in making their purchase decisions. As they travel along this journey the challenge is knowing which channels engage them and trigger the impulse to buy in the quickest and most compelling way?.

The solution is not to do the same things in different channels, but to adopt a smarter, more direct and cost effective approach which aligns and exploits the relative strengths of each channel.

Retail Safari is unique in our ability to provide a complementary suite of brand activation services under a single brand that does this.

This capability brings together a broad range of talents and disciplines which provide greater innovation, insight and economies of scale.

Our services are designed to engage consumers where the ability to influence is at its most compelling and powerful.

Local Area Marketing

The successful brands of the future will be those which are intimately connected with communities and individuals.

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Products now live or die by what happens on the shop floor and in the aisles.

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Assisted Selling

75% of consumers will walk out of a store if they can’t access knowledgeable sales associates.

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Retail Activation

Research shows that 71% of consumers try a product after receiving a sample.

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Retail Safari & Optus Take Home Gold

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September 14, 2018

Retail Safari & Microsoft take home 2017 POPAI’s Field Marketing Excellence Award

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